Monday, October 4, 2010

Where Hearts Are Free

Where Hearts Are Free 
Golden Keyes Parsons

It's 1681 in the New World and 18 year old Bridget Barrington is desperately in love with Philipe Clavell. True love should conquer all but Philipe is a a Hugenot and Bridget is a Catholic. Philipe is an indentured servant and Bridget is the daughter of his master. When Bridget's parents learn of her love for Philipe they quickly release him from his contract and shuffle him home to his welcoming family. Bridget suddenly finds herself brokenhearted and engaged to be married to Edward Moorehead, a man whom she neither likes nor trusts.

The story unfolds and the twists and turns will keep you up reading at night. Bridget witnessed something nefarious at an early age and unbeknownst to her Edward is hiding many deep dark secrets. Philipe learns of Edward's dealings and does his best to make his way back to his love's side. But will he be too late to save Bridget from disaster?

I enjoyed this book. It is the last book in the Darkness to Light trilogy. The Clavell family will grip your hearts and make you want to keep reading as the trilogy sweeps you along from France to the New World. While you can read this book alone I would recommend reading book 1 and 2 first. The main characters are strong but I found some of the supporting characters lacking in development. Overall I would recommend Where Hearts Are Free.

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