Monday, October 4, 2010

Cause and Effect (Adventures in Odyssey)

"And now it's time for another adventure in Odyssey!" With those words you are instantly transported to the town of Odyssey and engrossed in all of the adventures that come with it. Volume 52 and Focus on the Family is still going strong. Always captivating, this volume of Adventures in Odyssey does not disappoint. The first 2 episodes involve a mystery taking place in Odyssey's clock tower. I'll admit, I was hooked from the moment black roses mysteriously showed up near the clock! Sticking with the theme of "cause and effect" each episode teaches kids (and adults) that there are always consequences (good or bad) for our actions. Episode 5 revolves around fasting and the gang at Whit's End each fasts in their own way. It offers a great challenge for listeners to set something aside to allow space for God in our lives. While I enjoyed some episodes more than others each one had it's own jewel of truth to walk away with and each one was entertaining. 

Adventures in Odyssey is well done, relevant, and worth every penny. Kids of all ages will enjoy this volume. So sit back and relax on your next road trip, pop in a CD, and get ready for another Adventure in Odyssey!

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this album in exchange for my review.

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