Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why

A Billion Reasons Why
Kristen Billerbeck

Katie McKenna has a safe, fulfilling life in California. Her almost fiance, Dexter, is dependable, reliable, and responsible. Her job as a special needs teacher gives her much joy and for the most part life is good. Everything, and I do mean everything, is turned upside down when Katie's ex-boyfriend and self-made millionaire, Luc DeForges, saunters back into her life. He has come to take Katie back home to New Orleans for a friend's wedding. As his date.

Katie already knows exactly what she thinks about Luc and the eight years since their very public breakup has given the time needed to heal many of her hurts. She's moved on with her life, and yet, there is chemistry between them that can not be denied. Luc comes luring Katie into her old life of music and dancing and Katie finds herself almost unable to resist. But there are a billion reasons why Katie won't let Luc back in and why predictable Dexter is the man for her....or is he?

As Katie is swept away back to the south you'll find yourself being swept away as well. I read this book during a particularly chilly couple of days and it was the perfect escape. Billerbeck writes with creative detail and I felt like I was in New Orleans and I could feel the humidity. I wanted to hop on a plane and go dancing with the characters.

I'm not typically a huge fan of chick lit but Kristin Billerbeck is my favorite in this genre. I'll admit it was her alone who brought me over to the "dark side".  A Billion Reasons Why is a good read. Katie is a likeable, endearing character that you'll find yourself connecting with. Luc is what every girl could want for in a man. He loves Jesus, loves his woman, is stinking handsome, is a millionaire, and has a vulnerable side. Sigh...

Thank you to Thomas Nelson and Book Sneeze for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Shape of Mercy

I think I may have just found a new top 10 favorite author. I have read two books of Susan Meissner now and I am hooked. Lady in Waiting was a wonderful read and I dare say The Shape of Mercy  was even better.

Lauren Durough, 20 year oldcollege student and an only child, has grown into a bit of a rebel when it comes to doing what her family expects her to do. She is a product of the privileged lifestyle to which she was born and she has lived her whole life wondering if her father would have rather had a son. Those wonderings make her even more determined to blaze her own trail, resulting in her choice of a state school over a private university and her decision to major in English rather than in Buisiness or economics. 

A desire to cover some of her own school expenses leads Lauren to a fascinating job transcribing the personal diary of Mercy Hayworth, a young woman who in 1692 living in Salem was charged with being a witch. The diary's owner, Abigail, intrigued her, and the diary captivated her. Little did she know the "job" would change her life.

The Shape of Mercy  is about three distinct women, Lauren, Abigail, and Mercy. Each woman brings their own depth to the story. At it's very heart this book is a love story, yet it is so intricately weaved and delicately written that you'll suddenly realize that and then wonder how you got there.The beauty that underlies it all is that the wonderful power of love can bring healing to any situation.

Meissner is a master storyteller and I look forward to reading her books for years to come.

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my honest review.
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