Saturday, October 19, 2013

Three Hearts, One Town

Three Hearts, One Town
Sarah Jae Foster 
Aspendawn Books
Fiction, Romance, Historical 

Forced to leave home and all she's ever known at nineteen, Cameron Engel heads for Lincoln County, Kansas, ready to explore life like never before. But she quickly realizes her inexperienced nature is no match for this rough and dangerous new town. She needs confidence and bravery to survive -- and she's determined to acquire both, even if it means making choices that in the end could destroy her. 

Gunslinger Jake Collins has that fearlessness and courage Cameron wants to possess, but she soon finds herself wanting Jake, a man she's been warned against. 

Andrew Jackson is the town's preacher. He offers Cameron a way of living and loving -- she's never known... until now. 

Two very different men, and for better or for worse, two very different loves.

Torn by indecision, Cameron seeks to receive acceptance from the only one who can provide it. God. But has she gone too far by giving her heart in all the wrong ways? 

After coming into the knowledge of God's true and unconditional love, she faces the toughest choice she's ever had to make. Jake or Andrew...

When you get through 30% of a book (gotta love the Kindle that keeps you up to date on your percentage) and you have yet to like a singe character or even the story line you know it's time to call it quits. So no, I did not finish this book. Very poor characterization, scattered plot lines, and a very badly developed story made me quit reading. I felt like I was reading a rough draft or even just a series of possible story ideas, that's how badly it was put together. I also kept checking the description of the book because one of the supposedly "main characters" hadn't even entered the story by 20% of the way through. Just weird and just not worth my time to keep reading. Don't let this book cover fool you. 

My thanks to Aspendawn Books for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my real and honest review. 

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