Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Licensed for Trouble

PJ Sugar is trouble with a capital “T”. Her whole life has seemed to be a series of mishaps and disasters. When she finds out she has inherited the Kellogg family fortune she can’t imagine why. The sole beneficiary of Kellogg’s wealthiest widow PJ is baffled why a woman she hardly knew would leave everything to her. The inheritance turns out to be the Kellogg family mansion that is in complete shambles. Charming with an idyllic setting the mansion is nonetheless in serious need of remodeling. Handyman help comes in the form of Max Smith, a man without a past. Private Investigator in training, PJ takes on Max’s case with no idea where it might lead.

Licensed for Trouble is the third installment in Susan Warren’s PJ Sugar series. This book picks up a few weeks after “the kiss” in book two between PJ and her boss, Jeremy Kane. While PJ can’t deny the chemistry she has with Jeremy she also can’t put former love, Boone, out of her mind. Jeremy remains distant and PJ remains confused. As PJ tries to figure out her love life she also stays busy, and in trouble, trying to find Max’s past, chasing a bail jumper, and discovering secrets about her own past.

PJ’s character development in this book is wonderful and completely relatable. Feeling doomed to always live up to her moniker “nothing but trouble” PJ slowly but surely begins to experience God’s grace and redemption. With the help of the dashing and romantic Jeremy PJ finds the fresh start she’s been longing for. She turns to God and allows him to name her, define her, and love her.

Susan May Warren is a favorite author of mine. Although there are plenty of page turning moments in this book I also found sections that seemed to drag. However, PJ is a delight to get to know and while I would recommend reading the first two books before this book, this one can be read as a standalone. Warren keeps the reader guessing as PJ’s heart pulls her in different directions. You’ll find yourself gasping as PJ is rescued time and time again by one or more of the handsome men in her life. The mystery will keep you guessing and the ending will….well I’m not going to tell you everything. Enjoyable and a great end to this series!

Rated PG- for violence

Thanks to Tyndale Fiction for providing a copy of this book for review!

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