Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The House on Malcom Street

Leah Breckenridge’s life has been one cruel twist after another. Forsaken by her father, her husband killed, and her baby son a victim of influenza Leah is desperate to find a way to provide for herself and young daughter in 1920. Leah is angry at God and there are days that Eliza, her daughter, is the only thing that keeps her moving forward. Left with nowhere else to turn Leah and Eliza show up on the doorstep of her late husband’s aunt’s boarding house. It doesn’t take long for Aunt Marigold to worm her way into Leah’s heart but will Leah’s heart ever start
mending after all of her losses?

Purpose is found in helping Aunt Mari keep the boarding house running, although there is only one border, Josiah. A relative of her late husband Josiah seems to resent Leah’s very presence in the house. Leah finds escape in the garden as she helps bring life to what was thought to be dead. Josiah has his own story and is dealing with his own loss as the reader will discover as the book switches back and forth in first person between the two characters.

There are a myriad of themes that run throughout this book. Will healing happen? Will Leah be able to face her demons and move forward? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Leisha Kelly has written some truly wonderful books and I opened the pages of this one with great anticipation. I was disappointed. It’s a very heavy book and the resolution at the end is rather poorly written. I could appreciate all the themes of God’s healing and wholeness but I was hoping for more. I snuggled in expecting to fall in love with the house on Malcom Street and instead I was rather ready to head out the door about halfway through the book. I do, however, believe this provides a very accurate description of what true mourning is like and I am confident there are readers that will find great comfort and healing in this book.

Rated PG- for heavy content

Thanks to Revell for providing a copy for review purposes!

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