Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yak Trax

The first time I tried these puppies I was in Idaho recovering from knee surgery. I was working my way off crutches in the middle of an icy wonderland. A friend let me borrow her yak trax and I was a new somewhat mobile woman. These things fit right over your shoe and are super easy to put on. They give you grip on ice and packed snow. I have my own pair and I use them all the time in the winter. In fact, even when it's icy I'm able to get my daily walk in. Use caution if you enter a store or a place with a flat surface. The very power that gives you grip on ice can give you slip on tile. I always remove mine. They fold up and are easy to travel with and they're definitely worth having especially if you have chronic klutziness.

You can buy them at a sport's store or online. The best are the brand name ones "Yak Trax".  Love them!

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