Sunday, March 30, 2014

Summer of Joy

Summer of Joy
Ann H. Gabhart
Revell Publishers

For Jocie Brooke, the summer of 1964 certainly was eventful, but it's nothing compared to what's coming to Hollyhill, Kentucky, and the Brooke family next. The past is coming to call, threatening to destroy the relationships that everyone thought were so strong. Two people--one thought to be gone for good and the other no one's ever heard of--are making their way to the small town. And it promises trouble for everyone.

This complex and beautifully written story is the perfect conclusion to The Heart of Hollyhill series. With true-to-life family drama, refreshing humor, and characters readers have come to love like dear friends, "Summer of Joy" will delight Gabhart's fans.

I love the Hollyhill series. I read them back when they first came out in 2008 so I'm delighted they're out again. Gabhart writes with such light and ease in this series. Jocie is a hoot and incredibly likable. Her dad and his relationship with his significant other almost steal the story away. The mystery and intrigue in the book will keep your attention and you'll want to keep reading. A sweet, easy read with just enough sass to give it depth. Thanks Revell for republishing this series!

My thanks to Revell Publishers for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my real and honest review. 

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