Thursday, February 6, 2014

Echoes of Mercy

Echoes of Mercy
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Waterbrook Press
January 21, 2014
Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Historical

When a suspicious accident occurs at the Dinsmore Chocolate Factory in Sinclair, Kansas, in 1904, Caroline Lang goes undercover as a factory worker to investigate. Oliver Dinsmore, heir to the Dinsmore candy dynasty, has his own investigation to conduct. Posing as a common worker known as “Ollie Moore,” he aims to find out all he can about the family business before he takes over for his father.

The book centers around Caroline Lang. She is an investigator for the Labor Commission. She is sent to work at the Dinsmore World-Famous Chocolate Factory. To find out what truly happened with an accident surrounding another investigators death and for the underage child workers. 30% of the workers are children ages 11-15. Caroline has a deep seated need to change those numbers and have things be different for kids. Much of that passion stems from her own painful childhood. 

Ollie is also undercover as the factory janitor. He's trying to learn the family business. When he meets Caroline he's instantly attracted to her. The stats she has differ greatly from the stats he knows to be true about the factory and the two can hardly seem to agree on anything. 

This is a sweet and easy to read book. I enjoyed the Chocolate factory perspective and I loved that Caroline was an undercover investigator. Woven throughout are moments of sweetness between Carrie and Ollie and Carrie's adopted parents. There is also a sibling group that steps into the story and they'll steal your heart away. Nothing too deep or earth shattering in this book but definitely an excellent read.

My thanks to Waterbrook Publishers for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my real and honest review. 

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