Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lilies in the Moonlight

Lilies in Moonlight by Allison Pittman
Review by: Melissa J. MacDonald
Genre: historical fiction
Publisher: Multnomah
Date: 2011

Set in the roaring twenties with a crazy daring main character this book grabbed my attention from the beginning. Always a sucker for historical aspects I loved that fun-loving Lilly Margolis was a door to door salesman who basically fails in the first week of her job. Lilly has run just about as far away from her very strict, religious mama as she can and she finds herself in Florida. She is a true flapper girl who enjoys parties, men, and pushing limits. Unfortunately, one crazy night leads to a morning of waking up in an almost stranger’s yard with a sprained ankle. Completely destitute Lilly is taken in by Betty Ruth Burnside and her reluctant son Cullen.

Cullen Burnside has his own issues to deal with. Disfigured in the war and wealthy with no sense of purpose he is valiantly caring for his forgetful mother. He’s also nursing his own wounds. He finds Lilly to be annoying, confusing, and obnoxious. When he makes the decision to return Lilly to her mother up north a journey begins that will keep you guessing and chuckling at every turn.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing of all in this book is the transformation that happens in both Lilly and Cullen. You truly see Lilly have an encounter with Jesus and her life changes as a result. Cullen too grows and changes in the most unique ways.

I found this book to be engrossing. I loved the era, I loved the baseball aspect (yep, you’ll have to read to find that out), I thought Betty Ruth was precious, and I loved how Jesus’ transforming work was evident throughout. You’ll love this one!

Rating: pg-13 for adult content

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  1. This sounds so fun! Flapper era - love this!!! :)


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