Sunday, May 8, 2011

Freedom's Stand

Freedom’s Stand by J.M. Windle
Review by: Melissa J. MacDonald
Genre: fiction
Publisher: Tyndale
Date: June 2011

Jamil was a jihadist until he met Jesus Christ. He turned his life around and went  from a life of violence to being a peace lover. In Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, Jamil becomes a itinerant health worker trying to help those most impoverished. However, not all believe a former jihadist terrorist would turn into a caring healer and he finds himself in danger. Suspicion runs rampant in Afghanistan and mixed with traditions that date back thousands of years it’s a very delicate tightrope to walk.

New Hope relief worker Amy Mallory returns to Afghanistan after being home in the States to find her organization in what she regards as disarray. She has broken the cardinal rule of any relief worker she has started to form relationships with the people. No longer simply operating by systems  Amy fears for the dependents under her care as well as for her assistant Jamil.

In Kabul, contractor security expert Steve Wilson tries to protect his assignment while also keep the peace inside the city as the upcoming elections divides and frightens the residents. Rioting and officialdom corruption has made the capital a dangerous place for a Special Forces soldier, but more so for an American female with little to no protection. He’s looking for something, anything, that will give meaning to his life.

This book kept me up at nights! I have read extensively about the culture of Afghanistan and its’ neighbors and I found this fiction look at the politics and the people to be fascinating. From my readings I can say I found Windle to be extremely accurate, knowledgeable, and profound. The depth with which she describes the complex society is immense. This book is loaded with action and yet has a soft side that will appeal to both men and women alike. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

Rating: pg-13 for adult content and graphic descriptions 

You can watch the video teaser for Freedom's Stand on YOUTUBE. 

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