Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dining With Joy

Dining with Joy
Rachel Hauk

In low-country South Carolina Joy Ballard is the host of a regionally-syndicated cooking show. She's beautiful, witty, vivacious.....and she can't cook. Her father's dying wish pushes her into a hosting position she was never qualified to have. Her humor and wit make her a natural on TV and when her show is suddenly picked up by a national network her secret is harder and harder to keep a secret.

Enter the tall dark and handsome Manhattan chef Luke Redmond. He can cook, he's goregous, and he's kind of got a thing for Joy. Their natural chemistry is noticed by Joy's producer and jobless Luke finds himself playing co-host to Joy. As they grow closer and closer, both on screen and off, Joy's secret threatens to destroy everything.

With an enchanting blend of southern living, steamy (yet Jesus appropriate) chemistry, delicious food, and a delightful story line you will love this book! I had my doubts at first but I was quickly taken in and I was dissapointed when it ended. You'll want to keep on hanging out with Luke and Joy (and Joy's crazy family). You might even find yourself wanting to float down the river and join in a small-town softball game.

Read it :)

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