Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heaven Help Heidi

Heaven Help Heidi
Sally Johnson
Harvest House Publishers
February 2015
Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Welcome to the Casa de Vida—eleven quaint bungalows located three blocks from the Pacific Ocean in tiny Seaside Village, California. Owner Liv McAlister never advertises vacancies beyond a small hand-lettered sign out front, preferring to trust that God will send the right tenant at just the right time. And He always does.

Heidi Hathaway’s life has been turned upside down. After an accident leaves her injured, unable to work, and incapable of negotiating the stairs in her multilevel oceanfront condo, she leases her home and moves into a cozy little cottage in the charming garden complex where her friend Piper lives. There she finds so much more than a place to rest and recover.

Piper Keyes knows Jared is not coming back from Afghanistan. After making it through the fifth anniversary of his death, she wonders if she’s at last ready to get on with life. She gingerly explores new avenues—photography, cooking, and buying her own boutique—and learns to open her heart again.

The most comforting thing about living at the Casa is that the women there become each other’s mentors and confidantes, learning from their own mistakes and arriving at new, healed places in their lives.

Sigh, I loved this book. Like seriously loved it. I don't typically gravitate towards contemporary fiction but I am so glad I picked up this one. I was immediately drawn in and hooked. The Casa residents are so well developed and feel like family. Heidi's transformation is both subtle and disarming. So worth the read and the missed hours of sleep. Prepare to be transferred to the Casa de Vida family in California. I promise you'll miss them when the book is over. 

My thanks to Harvest House Publishers for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my real and honest review. 

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