Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Books for Kids

Easter is Coming!

$7.99 / Board book / 48 pages
Candle Books
Candle Library--Easter
 by Karen Williamson; illustrated by Marie Allen

An adorable collection of pocket-sized board books for pint-sized readers! The Candle Library--Easter collection includes six individual Bible storybooks in a handy slipcase. Each eight-page story is written in clear and simple text, with charming illustrations by Marie Allen. Just the right size for little hands to hold and convenient for travel.

Stories include: Ride into Jerusalem, Easter Meal, Jesus Is Arrested, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection, and Jesus Returns.

$5.99 / Saddlestitch / 16 pages
Candle Books
Easter Sticker Book
by Karen Williamson; illustrated by Amanda Enright
A delightful sticker book retelling the Easter story! TheEaster Sticker Book sensitively depicts the story of Easter, from Palm Sunday through to the good news of Jesus' resurrection, with clear and simple text and bright colorful stickers. Featuring sixty reusable stickers, children interact with the Easter story by searching for the correct stickers to complete each illustration.
$5.99 / Saddlestitch / 16 pages
Candle Books
God Helps Me Sticker Book #1 and #2
by Juliet David; illustrated by Clare Caddy

The God Helps Me sticker books feature a mixture of Old and New Testament stories drawn from the God Helps Me Bible. Each page has a simple line of text, a key Bible reference, and a large, colorful picture to complete. Each volume comes with sixty reuseable stickers so children can play again and again.   
$5.99 / Saddlestitch / 16 pages
Candle Books
God Helps Me Sticker Book #2
by Juliet David; illustrated by Clare Caddy
$6.99 / Hardcover / 32 pages
Lion Children's

My Very First Easter Story
by Lois Rock; Illustrated by Alex Ayliffe

The Easter story is at the heart of the Christian faith, and here it is retold simply and powerfully--from Good Friday toEaster Sunday--in a way that very young children can easily understand. Extracted from the hugely popular My Very First Bible (Good Books).

$5.99 / Saddlestitch / 16 pages
Lion Children's
My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book
by Lois Rock; illustrated by Alex Ayliffe
Here is a story and activity book containing a complete retelling of the Easter story presented in a simple manner for young children to grasp. The stickers are used first to complete the illustrations in the main story. Then there are extra activities on each page alongside the story--counting, naming, identifying--with stickers for each. All of the stickers are found in the center of the book where they are grouped and numbered according to activity to make it easy for young children to find the right sticker.

A fun and interactive way for children to learn the Easter story.

I was privileged to be able to review each of these books and I have to say they are super sweet. I tested them out on my 2 year old niece and for the most part they passed the test.

The Library:
These are board books that seem to be very durable. They are pretty small but the pictures are very sweet and the message is clear. Definitely passed the 2 year old test.

All of the sticker books are awesome. The pictures are clear and colorful without being garish. Very child appropriate. My niece tried to eat the stickers but once I helped her figure out where to actually put the stickers she had a blast. Definitely a fun way to get a child involved in an activity while teaching bout Easter.

My Very First Easter Story:
This book has an awesome hardback cover which is a bit deceiving. The pages are paper and I was really hoping for board pages. My niece could not handle turning all of the pages. It's a nice idea for a child but not for the "very young child" it advertises for.

In general this collection is simple and sweet. The story is clearly told and kids will have fun with it too. It wil definitely not knock your socks off but I think you and your child will enjoy this bright and true collection.

My thanks to the publisher for providing me with free copies of each book in exchange for my honest review. 

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